Kate Magic's Fermentation Workshop



  • Kate Magic's Fermentation Workshop
  • Kate Magic's Fermentation Workshop
  • Kate Magic's Fermentation Workshop
  • Kate Magic's Fermentation Workshop

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In this three hour class, Kate will be going into detail on fermentation and easy ways to get started. Kate has been home fermenting since 2009, when she was introduced to the work of Sandor Ellix Katz on a trip to California.

TIME: 2pm - 5pm

Including fermented foods and drinks in our diets on a daily basis is one of the most effective ways to boost natural immunity. Our guts are quite literally a second brain, and when we provide them with the abundance of natural bacteria they need to remain balanced and healthy, this brings a dramatic increase of energy and vitality into our lives.

Kate will show you how to make:

  • Fermented drinks – Kefir and Kombucha
  • Traditional Sauerkraut
  • An authentic version of the Korean fermented vegetable blend, Kimchi
  • Blue Seed Cheese

You will get to sample all the recipes, and discuss the different variations that you can make at home.

All recipes are vegan, gluten-free and raw.

All attendees receive a comprehensive handout to take home, with all the recipes and detailed instructions.

“Thank you Kate! I'm grateful to you for being such a strong ambassador for raw! I am finding your site incredibly grounding, your recipes, without fail, delicious, and your ethos pure inspiration. Credit where it's due.” Delia, UK

“I feel Kate takes it to another level when she creates raw recipes, honestly. After all my training, learning with Kate is my highlight, she makes raw food prep practical, cost-effective, nutritious, delicious and fun. We have learnt so much from her!” Katy, Jersey

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